a framework for designing student learning environments for the future

SKG Forum 2

The second Forum of the Spaces for Knowledge Generation Project took place on October 22, 2009 at La Trobe University, Melbourne. The full program for the forum is here:

Dr Gregor Kennedy gave a keynote presentation on the topic of The intersection of physical and virtual learning spaces: provoking informal learning? Dr Kennedy also led a break out session on the topic of virtual learning spaces for the future. A podcast of his presentation appears here:

Matthew Riddle gave a presentation on the topic of “Where are Learning
Spaces in the 21st Century?”. A copy of his notes for the presentation are here:

Student-facilitated sessions

The program featured three student-led “Learner Reflections on Design Prototype” sessions. The first of these, Planning outdoor learning spaces, was facilitated by Ferah Lipscombe from Victoria University. This session investigated learner perspectives on planning outdoor learning spaces, taking as its starting point the designs generated in Forum 1.

The second was facilitated by Lachlan Batchelor from La Trobe and was on the topic of Designing more collaborative learning spaces. Building on the designs developed in Forum 1, participants developed designs appropriate for collaborative learning, both within the university classroom environment and emergent personal learning environments.

Physical learning spaces for the future was facilitated by Chris Wilson (CSU) and explored the possibilities of physical learning space design. It considered why thinking about things from a learner perspective is difficult when it comes to designing physical learning spaces, and how can new learning space designs can be more future proof than the ones we have now.

Forum 2 Data

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