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What is Repurposing?

Repurposing refers to the fact that spaces must be available for many different sorts of use. Lecture theatres are an excellent example of spaces that are difficult to repurpose.

Media students using the La Trobe Learning Room

The La Trobe learning room has been designed to maximise repurposing – using flexible furniture, adjustable lighting, and a mix of high and low tech affordances.

The basement of the ultra modern North West Science Building at Harvard University is an open space available for a variety of uses - from student exhibitions to theatre productions to Conferences. The large red sofas can be reconfigured to suit the situation.

The North West Building at Harvard was designed to maximise flexibility in learning spaces. Listen to Katie Vale talk about the design of the basement of the North West Building  and the overall design of the building.

This classroom in the Wallenburg Hall, Stanford University, has tables and chairs on wheels so the room can be configured by the class to suit their learning purposes.

Wallenberg Hall, Stanford, was designed to accomodate the inevitable changes in technology.  Listen to Robert Smith talk about the principles behind the design of Wallenberg Hall, Stanford.

Stanford purchased flexible furniture in order to facilitate learning spaces being used for multiple purposes.  Listen to Robert Smith talk about comfortable and flexible furniture at Stanford.

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