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Student Narratives: A day in the life of an International Business Student

My name is Coral and I am studying business in Australia.  It is exciting studying in another country, though I feel a lot of pressure to do well – my family overseas has made big sacrifices to enable me to be here.  I am really lucky to be sharing a house with Felicity, who is now one of my best friends. She has taught me a lot about Australia.

Today I start my day rather late with a coffee and begin by making use of on-line forums for students to share their ideas. For me this is great as it allows me to communicate to other student without making the trip into university.

However with tomorrow’s finance test, I still need to study the old fashion way and hit the text books and look at some practice exams on the computer before I go to work.

At work, I use a point-of-sale system to look up products – today the scanner isn’t working properly – which is really annoying.

Time to go home and rest up for the test tomorrow.

It’s a new day – I started today with the finance test which I think I have done pretty well on, now I am at the library studying for the upcoming exams.  I’ve brought my mobile with me in case my parents call from overseas.  The library provides lots of computers, which I am going to use to check my email just in case the lecturer sends out any hints for the exam.

My life in Australia is very busy – so I make use of all the technology available to make sure I keep on top of things.  My phone and laptop are crucial for studying and keeping in touch with home, and organising my social life here! The University provides a lot of resources for my subjects online, I am very grateful that I can access these at home and in the library – it adds variety to the long study days!


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